A Victory in Vanity: Kanye Spends $180,000 on a Watch with His Face on It

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Some immortalize themselves with a statue or a painting. Kanye has encrusted his image in diamonds and proudly displayed on his wrist. Would we expect anything less?

Watchmaker Tiret had no problem catering to Kanye’s request – after all, they were pocketing $180,000 off it. The watch features Yeezy’s face, shutter shades-clad, set in eight whopping carats of white, yellow, brown and black diamonds. The bling factor doesn’t stop there, with what the company describes as “very large diamonds” ringing the watch.

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According to Tiret, it took them over five months to craft the watch. And what happened to the gold standard? The watch dial is made of – ahem – gold mother-of-pearl! We get it, Sir Kanye, this timepiece is the ultimate in self-promotion, and the perfect shiny complement to your diamond teeth.

Apparently there’s no such thing as too blinged out for Kanye. NewsFeed just hopes, at the very least, that the watch also tells time. (via PopEater)