Another Sad Day for Keanu? Reeves Talks About Meme in Interview

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Keanu Reeves on BBC Breakfast Bites

Keanu Reeves, star of Point Break and the Matrix movies, has finally opened up – about the “Sad Keanu” meme.

The meme started after a paparazzi photo of him eating a sandwich on a bench, on his own in New York — already, aww — started to circulate on the web. The image was (repeatedly) photo-shopped with Reeves eating pigeons and sitting in generally sad situations. Most versions ended up on the “Sad Keanu” Tumblr site, and there was even a (unofficial) Cheer Up Keanu Reeves Day on Jun. 15 last year.

(See the Sad Keanu Halloween costume on

In an interview on Saturday with the BBC (from 3.24 in the YouTube clip) Reeves was confronted with his own meme. His official response: “I mean, do I wish I didn’t get my picture taken while I was eating sandwich on the streets of New York? Yeah.” (Via Gawker.)

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