Banking on Belief: ‘Lockless’ Bank in India To Be Guarded By God

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Daniel Grill/Tetra Images/Corbis

They’re really banking on a lot with this one, aren’t they?

The United Commercial (UCO) Bank has announced that they are opening India’s first “lockless” bank branch in a small village called Shani Shinganapur in the Ahmednagar district.

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Luckily the area, whose presiding deity is Lord Shani, is known for its total lack of crime. In fact, the village is so crime-free that reportedly none of the village’s homes even have doors–let alone locks. While the bank will have doors, they will all be lock free but officials aren’t worried about the risk. They say that people have a stronger faith than an urge for riches.

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“People here fear that if there is a theft or robbery, then the culprit and their family have to bear the wrath of Lord Shani,” said local legislator Shankar Gadakh.

While it’s heartening to hear of a truly crime free community–and you’ll have to forgive NewsFeed for our cynicism here–there is such a thing as too much temptation. (via The Times of India)