Reading While Eating for January 18: Elephants Play Soccer, 200 Cows Die, Woolly Mammoth Is Coming Back

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A demonstrator reacts as security forces use water canons to disperse protesters in downtown Tunis on January 17, 2011.

REUTERS / Zoubeir Souissi

After what we hope was a restful 3-day weekend, we bring you a pale kid that raps and some short kids that krump to get the Tuesday juices flowing.

The Great Elephant Soccer Duel: Goodbye Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey. Hello World Cup. These Nepalese elephants play an annual football (translation: soccer) match. New this year: a polo match and a beauty pageant. (Sky News)

Steve Jobs: The tech world is still abuzz about the medical leave announced Monday by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and the man who has stepped in to lead the company: Tim Cook. (Techland)

Mass Animal Deaths, Cow Edition: It started with Sweden’s bird-pocalypse, with the mass death of 100 birds. And now the trend has continued in Wisconsin, with 200 cows found dead in a field. These extinction events have people talking Armageddon. (More on the cow deaths)

Jurassic Park, in Real Life — Woolly Mammoth Coming Back: That’s what a Japanese scientist says is up his sleeve. His goal: To resurrect the Woolly Mammoth by 2015. That’s only four years from now. (Woolly Mammoth news)

Droppin’ Rhymes: What this rap prodigy lacks in sun tan he makes up for with lyrics, such as, “If my baby’s gay I’ll say ‘You go gay baby, work that crib.'”(Daily What)

660 Pounds of Coke, Nabbed: Spanish police busted Europe’s most sophisticated cocaine laboratory. In addition to arresting 25 people, they swiped 300 kilos (660 pounds) of coke, 2 million euros, 470 cell phones, weapons and luxury cars. (CNN)

Owl vs. Chihuahua, Battle Royale: A 4-pound Chihuahua on his nighttime walk survived a brutal attack by a great horned owl. After suffering puncture wounds from the owl’s talons, the traumatized dog is now afraid of the dark. (CBS)

Arrrrrgh, 2010 — Year of the Pirate: International pirating hit an all time high in 2010, with 445 reported attacks. Despite increased patrolling, 53 ships were hijacked and 1,181 prisoners were taken hostage on the high seas. (BBC)

Krumpin’ Kids: These kids have more swag in the second grade than most of us will ever have. (Buzz Feed)

MTV, Scripted: MTV’s latest British import Skins attempts to change the network’s luck with scripted programs. See why the dramedy proposes teenagers seek out sex and drugs.

Viral Video: Sarah Palin has gone from PTA to politico to pop-culture icon. Now two elderly supporters have created the “Sarah Palin Battle Hymn.” See the complete lyrics here.