Oprah Opens Up to Piers Morgan About Tragedy, Love, and Donating Her Fortune

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Love him or hate him, the cheeky Brit Piers Morgan has impressed critics in Monday night’s debut airing of CNN’s prime-time show, Piers Morgan Tonight. NewsFeed takes a closer look at some of the highlights from his first ever interview with the Queen of Talk – Oprah Winfrey.

In what Oprah called “one of the toughest interviews in 20 years”, she spoke frankly to Morgan about getting pregnant at 14 and then losing the baby, saying that she saw the death as “getting a second chance.”

“I had no connection to that baby. I felt nothing but relief because I felt before that baby was born I was going to have to kill myself,” she said. Explaining how she hid the pregnancy from her family, she said if the baby had lived she would most likely have been disowned.

Morgan also grilled Oprah about her love life.

Refusing to name names, she admitted to falling in love with three people in her life, two of which had broken her heart. The media mogul also confessed to having a stash of old love letters which she keeps in a safety deposit box. Speaking of her 25 year long relationship to  Stedman Graham,  Morgan asked when she knew she was in love with him. Oprah referred to a difficult period in the 1980s when a family member betrayed her and sold a story for $20,000 to a tabloid paper and how Stedman supported her through the difficult time. “It was that moment…Here is someone who is willing to stand in and stand up for you. And that is love.”

Oprah also discussed what she plans to do with her massive fortune once she dies.  “When I’m gone, everything that I have is going to go to charity because I don’t have children. And I believe that that’s what you should do,” she said. “To whom much is given, much should be given back.” (Read Can Oprah Stand Out From the Cable Crowd)

Piers Morgan will be the first British interviewer to host a prime-time talk show in the United States since David Frost back in the late 60s.  Other guests to appear on his show include Ricky Gervais, George Clooney, Howard Stern, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian and Condoleezza Rice. But now that he’s done the Queen of Talk, all who’s missing from his lineup of star guests is the Queen of Pop! (Read TIME’s Q&A with Piers Morgan)