Introducing “Streets of Monaco,” the World’s First $1 Billion Super Yacht

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Illustration courtesy of Yacht Island Design

Multimillion-dollar yachts are so 2010.

So to help oligarchs and tax exiles keep pace in 2011, U.K.-based Yacht Island Design has dreamed up the “Streets of Monaco,” a $1.1-billion super yacht modeled on Monte Carlo, the municipality within the principality that is known for its high-rolling casino and luxury resorts. The four-story liner, which will stretch for more than 500 feet, will include a casino, race track, go-kart circuit, multiple tennis courts, and pools with swim-in Jacuzzi bars. Rather than having decks the ship will have buildings, including a replica of Monaco’s famed Hotel de Paris. The lucky owners will be able to enjoy their champagne kisses and caviar dreams on a helipad, beside waterfalls and in a restaurant with underwater views.

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“It is basically a floating city,” company director Rob McPherson told Australia’s News Limited. “The design theme called for a unique yacht that reflected the style and sophistication of the principality.” In other words, they threw out any notion of “less is more.” Designers plan to connect the upper and lower living areas of the yacht with a grand atrium. Seven guest suites, a library, a cinema and a communal balcony will make up the lower level, while an entertainment area and the owner’s three-story, 4,800-sq.-ft. suite will make up the upper level.

Don’t worry if that doesn’t float your boat. Yacht Island Design has plans for a separate yacht that will stretch 280 feet and be based on an island in the South Pacific.

(via World Interiors Design Network)

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