New York Blizzard Mystery: Man Finds Roll of Stunning Photography, Takes to YouTube to Find Owners

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Todd Bieber / YouTube

There was beauty in the blizzard, and a couple of tourists found it. Too bad they lost their film.  Now the man who found the roll is on a mission to reunite the photographers with their stunning pictures.

Todd Bieber was enjoying the aftermath of the massive snowfall last month with a leisurely ski through Brooklyn’s Prospect Park – one of the few viable methods of transportation post-blizzard, NewsFeed admits. Stopping to catch his breath, he paused along the blanket of white that obscured the park. But this patch of snow was different – Bieber noticed a tiny roll of 35mm film poking out of the ground.

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Whether it was a bout of curiosity or empathy, we’re not quite sure, but Bieber rescued the film from what should have been its snowy grave.  And upon developing the negative, he discovered the beauty in the blizzard many New Yorkers had simply grumbled about.

Two men, appearing to be foreign in the final proofs, didn’t let the serious snowfall put a damper on their vacation. Their photos weave a story of a trek across Manhattan to see the unforgettable snowy sights.


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The simplicity, the understatement, the framing of the black-and-white shots only add to their charm. The two traveled miles around the city and its boroughs and found a completely different landscapes than many New Yorkers do on the day-to-day wanderings. The tourists stumbled upon an eerily deserted Coney Island pier, a misty Central Park, and snowbanks on the beach. The camera even caught them having an innocent snowball fight.

It’s clear that the photographers enjoyed their time in New York, and that these frames were composed with care. Now Bieber is determined to help them relive those experiences. He’s taken to Tumblr and YouTube to track down the photographers – all the while giving their photos a forum through which they can be fully appreciated. Perhaps some faraway viewer will recognize the men in the shots, and help Bieber return the film.

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Though memories of any vacation are the ultimate takeaway, it must’ve been disheartening for the tourists upon realizing the reel was missing. But their loss is the world’s gain: the beautiful photos are now going viral, being shared and forwarded by thousands (and soon, perhaps, millions). And with any luck, the original photographers will again be reunited with their impressive portfolio.

NewsFeed has done our part; now spread the message. (via Urlesque)