Pay for Your Starbucks Coffee with Your Phone

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An employee working at a Starbucks in San Salvador, November 5, 2010 (REUTERS / Luis Galdamez)

Grab the phone and ditch the wallet: starting Wednesday, there’s a whole new way to pay for your coffee.

All company-operated Starbucks in the U.S. will now begin accepting payment through mobile devices, and more specifically on iPhones, iPod touches and BlackBerrys. The coffee chain also says there will be Android support later on.

In order to pay by phone, the Starbucks Card Mobile app is required on your device. (Never fear if you’re already at a Starbucks and don’t have the app installed – Starbucks already offers free Wi-Fi.)

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To pay, coffee patrons just select “touch to pay” and hold the barcode to a scanner at the register. The mobile app also lets users add their Starbucks Cards, and the ability to reload cards as needed through PayPal or credit card.

Yes sir, I’d like to pay for my Trenta with my iPhone.