Possession With Intent to Soar: Colombian Carrier Pigeon Caught Smuggling Drugs

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REUTERS/John Vizcaino

Meet Colombia’s newest drug mules: the carrier pigeons. 

Police officers caught a bird trying to fly into a jail in the northeastern city of Bucaramanga. What gave the bird away? A bag containing 40g of marijuana and 5g of cocaine paste strapped to its back.

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Police believe the package’s weight prevented the bird from flying over the prison’s walls.

Pigeons trained to smuggle are not unfamiliar at this jail. Police say they’ve previously found birds carrying cell phone Sim cards, although this was their first find of an illegal contraband.

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This is the second Colombian bird detained for ties to the drug trade. Last September, police in Barranquilla confiscated a parrot trained as a lookout for drug dealers, who would yell “run” as police approached. (via Telegraph)

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