Hide Your TV Sets! Antoine Dodson Gets His Own Reality Show

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From YouTube

Could it be that YouTube viral impresario Antoine Dodson is the smartest guy since Andy Warhol? Or maybe he just took the late artist’s  “15 minutes of fame” quote to be more of an exploitable concept than just a phrase.

Either way, the video in which Dodson warned his neighbors in the Huntsville, Ala.’s Lincoln Park Projects to “hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband…” has resulted first in a guest performance on the BET Hip Hop Awards, and now in a developing pilot for a reality show produced by Entertainment One, TMZ.com reports.

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Kali Hawk, of Couples’ Retreat fame will serve as executive producer of the show, which will chronicle Dodson’s move from his Alabama roots to West Hollywood. No word yet on the show’s title and creators are shopping the pilot around to television networks.