Julian Assange, the Movie: Who Should Play the WikiLeaker?

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Julian Assange is the founder of the whistle-blowing site WikiLeaks

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

It was inevitable, and it’s happening: Julian Assange’s biography is set to hit the silver screen. But first, it needs a star.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, producers have snagged the film rights to The Most Dangerous Man in the World, an upcoming Assange biography by Australian journalist Andrew Fowler. It’s in the very early stages — a screenwriter hasn’t even been assigned¬† — but the report has NewsFeed wondering who should step into the WikiLeaks founder’s shoes. If we were doing the casting, here’s who we’d pick.

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  • Neil Patrick Harris. The How I Met Your Mother star is an obvious choice here, since he’s the spitting image of Assange. But Harris typically plays goofy, gregarious types in comedies. Could he show his dramatic chops by playing an embattled hacker?
  • Paul Bettany. The British actor also bears a striking resemblance to Assange. He’s also played creepy, villainous types (see his role as an albino monk in The Da Vinci Code). Bettany is critically acclaimed but has few statuettes to his name. Landing this role could give him a major boost in prestige.
  • Tom Felton. If the Assange biopic wants to draw in a young audience, casting Harry Potter’s nemesis could start some buzz. Tom Felton, better known to some as Draco Malfoy, can already rock bleach-blonde hair, and has a more mature look post-Potter. He could always play a college-aged Assange. (And if we’re casting multiple ages, let’s throw Bill Maher in the ring for a look to Assange’s future.)
  • Bill Hader. He cracks up audiences as Assange already on Saturday Night Live, and he’s already mastered the Australian accent and evil laugh. Why not take the impression to the silver screen?
  • Tilda Swinton. If Cate Blanchett can play Bob Dylan, a woman could easily play Julian Assange. Tilda Swinton is just wacky enough to take on the role. But she may have a prior commitment — a Conan O’Brien biopic.

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