Reading While Eating for January 21: A Freakishly Frightening Friday

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Protesters against the visit by China's President Hu Jintao demonstrate outside the U.S. Capitol Building, in Washington, January 20, 2011.

REUTERS/Jason Reed

We can’t decide which of your lunch links is scariest: sharks floating in the streets, Google taking revenge, or a paralyzing hickey.

Sharks in the Streets: Apparently, speeding cars are not the only things to be worried about when crossing streets. Following Australia’s severe flooding, sharks were spotted floating past a suburban McDonald’s in Goodna, Australia. (Discovery News)

Clooney Beats Malaria: After contacting Malaria on a recent trip to Sudan, George Clooney has overcome the potentially life threatening disease. “The mosquito in Juba [Southern Sudan] looked at me and thought I was the bar,” Clooney told Piers Morgan.

Snow Cancellations: As extreme winter weather continues to block roads and close schools across the U.S. we would like to inform our readers that the Horse Thief Detectives of Goshen, Oh. meeting was canceled. Sorry to all those inconvenienced. (The Daily What)

Love Paralyzes: In case you needed more evidence that hickeys are not cool, a New Zealand woman was paralyzed by her lover’s bite. The kiwi lost motion in her arm due to a love bite on a neck artery. (Gawker)

Superbowl Rejection: A commercial advertising Ashley Madison, the premiere dating site for married individuals seeking extramarital relationships, was rejected by FOX to air during the Superbowl. Wondering eyes can still catch the commercial, featuring porn star Savannah Sampson online. (YouTube Trends)

Avenging Groupon: Google’s latest planned expansion: Google Offers, which will offer subscribers a daily deal in their area via email. Ring any bells? Sounds precisely like Groupon, the site that rejected Google’s $6 billion takeover offer. (Wall Street Journal)

Real Life Sopranos: The FBI took-down its largest gaggle of mafia members in history, arresting 110 mobsters and charging 127 for crimes dating back 30 years. Want more to see more? Take a look at photos of Al Capone, the original gangster. (LIFE)

Must See: For those cruel readers who like watching others fall, we give you the ever-so-viral, woman falling into a fountain while texting. (BuzzFeed)