Woman Falls in Fountain While Texting: Yes, She’s Real. And Mad. And Suing

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It was the splash heard (and seen) ‘round the Web, but the woman who fell isn’t letting the situation dry up just yet.

In fact, 49-year-old Cathy Cruz Marrero is looking at her legal options, frustrated that no one came to her aid after the embarrassing tumble last Wednesday.

By Friday, the video had gone viral, and Marrero was one of the few not laughing. A shaky, teary Marrero appeared Thursday on Good Morning America to share her side of the story.

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The Reading, Pa. woman works at the mall and was sending a short text to a friend from church when she flipped into the fountain. After she picked herself up and shook off, only a nearby store manager came to her aid. Mall security, it appears, stayed behind the scenes for a good chuckle.

But their lack of action has opened the floodgates. Sitting next to Marrero on GMA was her attorney, James Polyak. “We plan to hold all responsible parties accountable,” he said, for letting the video out, and will at the very least request an apology from the security team.

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Marrero’s outcry has already made waves within the mall staff. According to the Reading (Pa.) Eagle, the Berkshire Mall security guard who posted the video has been fired. (via ABC News)

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