Hawk on the Loose Inside Library of Congress

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Photo courtesy of Abby Brack / Library of Congress

Visiting the Library of Congress? Duck — there’s a hawk on the loose.

The young, female Cooper’s Hawk—a brown and white bird sometimes known as a chicken hawk—has been flying around the public reading room since at least Jan. 19, when it was spotted by a library patron. “We don’t know how it got in the building,” Library of Congress spokeswoman Jennifer Gavin told NewsFeed. “We suspect it flew in an open hatch [in the roof] while maintenance was being done. There’s a lot of pigeon activity there.”

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The Library of Congress blog has been tracking the bird, which employees seem to have dubbed “Cooper.” (Way to be creative, U.S. government.)

The Library reached out to U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service experts, who are working to capture the bird safely. So far, Cooper has ignored the government’s attempt to lure it down with food.

Do you think Cooper will evade capture longer than Goldie, the golden eagle that escaped from the London Zoo in 1965? Goldie’s record was 12 days. So far, Cooper is on day 5.

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