Miami Parking Lot Doubles as Wedding Venue

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George Doyle/Getty

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today — in this parking lot? — to join this man and woman in holy matrimony.

When the traditional wedding venues — churches, beaches, art galleries, hotel ballrooms — let you down, the next best option isn’t usually a parking lot. But in Miami there is a parking garage so “beautiful” that people have asked to host wine tastings, dinner parties, yoga classes, and yes, even weddings in the space.

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The garage, called 1111 Lincoln Road, is a product of the vision of property owner, Robert Wennett, a developer and contemporary art collector, and the architects he hired, Herzog & de Meuron, the Swiss firm that designed both the Tate Modern and Beijing’s Olympic Stadium, called the Bird’s Nest.

The $65 million building features 360-degree views, floor heights of up to 34-feet, an internal staircase, artwork and a glass cube that houses a designer clothing store. The cherry on top? Wennett’s private home, a large penthouse apartment on the roof of the complex.

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While Newsfeed is all for non-traditional weddings that break the cookie-cutter mold (the space really is quite pretty, see a photo here) we have just one question: when guests arrive for the wedding, where do they park? (via The New York Times)