Indonesian Man Dozes Off at Airport, Falls to His Death

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A passenger sleeps at New York's LaGuardia Airport (REUTERS / Jessica Rinaldi)

It can be a little weird falling asleep in public. Some people constantly do the head bob, some snore loudly – but falling to your death shouldn’t be one of them.  

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Randa Ibrahim, a 27-year old Indonesian man, was waiting for his flight at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport early Tuesday morning when he fell asleep. He arrived at the airport an hour past midnight. Flying via Batavia Air, his next destination was Manado, North Sulawesi, another part of Indonesia at 9 a.m.

In the interim, he decided to sit on the stairs, which were 13 feet from the ground, in one of the terminal’s waiting hall. Authorities speculate he dozed off – he must have been pretty tired – and fell down the stairs, landing on the floor with devastating wounds to his face and head.

Yet another reason to avoid red-eye flights. (via The Jakarta Post)