Ballpark Beer Dispensers: The (Drunk) Future Is Now

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REUTERS/Michaela Rehle

It can sure be rough waiting in long lines for cups of beer at ballgames.

Thanks to the new Bottoms Up system developed by GrinOn Industries, that wait should be getting much shorter. While you’ll still be overpaying for a foamy draft, at least you won’t anxiously wait for the concessions workers to fill your plastic while the game’s in play.

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The new system can fill almost one pint per second. How does it work? Upward flowing beer enters the cup from the bottom first. Magnets open a valve on the bottom of the cup that reseals once filled with beer.

Unfortunately, the at home edition of Bottoms Up’s not expected until 2013. House parties around the country will be eagerly waiting.

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At least scientists will always be there to solve the really difficult struggles in life. (via Wired)

Watch the developers fill 56 cups of beer in one minute: