Monkey Fought the Law and the Law Won

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REUTERS/Susumu Toshiyuki

You’ve heard of Prison Break, right? Well now we give you Monkey Break.

Japan’s premier fugitive monkey is back behind bars after a brief fling with freedom. The macaque became infamous in 2010 after she ran amok during a 2 month reign of terror in the resort towns of central Japan where she bit 120 people.

Known locally as ‘Lucky’, she is thought to have worked alone and singled out mostly children and the elderly. She eluded a city-wide monkey-hunt for weeks before finally being brought to justice and sentenced to life at Rakujuen zoo in October  — presumably for public safety.

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Lucky proved her genius as a criminal mastermind when she broke free from her cage on Tuesday. She was soon returned to captivity after zoo keepers found her lurking around a park in Mishima, a town which is still reeling from her attacks last year.

Despite her cruel reputation is seems Lucky was more than happy to oblige the cops when they caught up with her: “Her capture was easy. We called her name repeatedly, and she came to us,” so said city official Hidetsugu Uchida. “She has been used to being called by her name.”

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Macaques are one of the most common wild animals that can be found in Japan but here at NewsFeed we feel that there are none as famous – or as dangerous – as Lucky. (Via Fox.)