Reading While Eating for January 26: When Pop Stars Go Viral

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People walk past flowers left on a floor in memory of those killed in Monday's blast at Moscow's Domodedovo airport January 25, 2011.

REUTERS/Denis Sinyakov

Here are your very tasty mid-week lunch links, full of rappers frying chicken and edible baked hearts (the organ!):

Stop Your Moaning: We know you think it’s cold out and that you’ve never seen so much snow on the ground. But at least you’re not in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada where it’s so cold that water instantly evaporates. (YouTube Trends)

Valentine’s 2.0: Enough with chocolate and flowers, this Valentine’s Day give the person you love something strait from the heart. Or about as close to it as we can imagine. (Boing Boing)

Out With Your Social Media: Trying to learn from their regional neighbor Tunisia, Egyptian authorities are trying to block Facebook access to prevent a full-on uprising. Twitter has already been restricted. (Tech Crunch)

Princess Ke$ha: Imagine the last person on earth parents would want their daughters looking up to, and voila! Princess Ke$ha. Just be glad this isn’t a featured film…yet. (The Daily What)

Bring Back Your Car: Toyota voluntarily recalled 245,000 Lexus cars due to a possible problem with the fuel pressure sensor installation. We hope you’re not relying on your car for anything important… (Chicago Tribune)

Watch out KFC: Rapper Flavor Flav is teaming up with a local businessmen to launch a new fried chicken joint in Clinton, Ia. We wonder what’s next? The 50 Cent dollar store?

The Many Faces of Barack: Half way through his term, President Barack Obama addressed a joint session of congress during the annual State of the Union. Recap his career with this photo gallery. (LIFE)

Must See: iPad’s can do almost anything, including mimic Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” with cat pianos?