Filthiest Story of the Day: Website Declares World’s Dirtiest Hotels

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The Beach Garbage Hotel in Madrid, Spain was not on Trip Advisor's dirtiest hotels list but which ones were?

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Be afraid. Be very afraid.

The global obsession of needing to know before you go has arguably resulted in holiday makers seemingly spending as much time checking out hotel reviews on the likes of Trip Advisor as the eventual vacation itself. But in this democratic society we now find ourselves in, it bears repeating that for every five star review must be its one star equivalent. And if you wanted to know more about the dirtiest hotels of them all, read on.

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Trip Advisor has complied these dirty top 10’s for the U.S., Europe, Asia and India and it literally isn’t pretty reading. Taking the top spot in America is the Grand Resort Hotel & Convention Center in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Naturally, a key quote from a reader review is included and while it could have been worse — an actual pigeon could have been mentioned for example — it’s still damning: “There was dirt at least 1/2″ thick in the bathtub which was filled with lots of dark hair.”

In Europe, Club Aqua Gumbet in Turkey won out (though “won” feels like the wrong word) with the ever so charming, “Pool was tainted by the sewer flooding into it whenever it rained.” Over in Asia, Singapore’s Goldkist Beach Resort also had a hair related quote (“There was a large clump of hair covering the shower drain”) and nearby in India, New Delhi’s Hotel Namaskar doesn’t exactly sound like a haven of calm bliss: “The windows were partially covered with pieces of old newspaper and lots of dirt.”

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NewsFeed imagines that these hotels, and all the others that made the hit list, are being cleaned as we speak, though the mere placing of chocolates on the pillow might not be quite enough to entice the public to go back.