Who Exactly Is Catapulting Marijuana Over the U.S.-Mexico Border?

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Sandy Huffaker/Corbis

There’s a new drug smuggling tactic in town, and it involves bags of marijuana, a tightly patrolled border, and a catapult.

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National Guard troops spied some fishy happenings at the Naco Border Patrol Station in Arizona, where they saw people suspiciously surrounding a catapult and launching objects over the fence that divides the U.S. and Mexico border last Friday evening.

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Initially detected by a surveillance system, they investigated the scene along with Mexican officials, and discovered a 6-foot tall catapult designed for launching weed across the border. It could apparently launch up to 4.4 pounds of the drug each time.

The device, along with thirty-five pounds of marijuana, was seized. The ingenious contraption builders left before they could be caught. (via Fox News)