And Here’s Why Your State Doesn’t Suck

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Ilya Gerner's United States of Awesome

We’ve all seen why each state sucks, now’s the time for the rebuttal. 

Blogger Ilya Gerner has created an alternative map to counter the United States of Shame map that’s been making the rounds. And this new map has a much more cheery spin. Called the United States of Awesome, the map notes what each state wins at.

So not only is this new map a boost in confidence for all previously-shamed states, it also provides ready-made comebacks to all those taunts the shame map likely initiated. Before the new map, if you were from North Dakota and people were mocking your state for being ugly, you probably didn’t have much ammunition. But now you can comeback with a clever, “Well at least I have a job, fool”, because you now know that North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate.

Ha, take that non-North Dakotans! (via Political Language)