Two Beers for a Buck at Walgreens: The Craziest Thing to Happen to Drinking Since Four Loko

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Courtesy of Walgreen's

How little are you willing to pay for beer?

Pharmacy chain Walgreens is about to redefine the “cheap” in “cheap drunk.”

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Big Flats 1901, the pharmacy’s new lager,  is about to hit the shelves in $3 six-packs. Yes, your mental math calculations are correct, each can totals in at $.50 — or less if you spring for the $11.50 24-pack.

In a wise marketing decision, the grocer acknowledged that it wouldn’t be selling cans for their quality, so it decided to define its new brew by something else: being dirt cheap.

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Don’t expect a Delirium Tremens or a Chimay out of Big Flats 1901. In fact, you should probably be satisfied with a slight buzz that doesn’t make you gag.  (via The Consumerist)