The Way We Live Now: More Kids Can Work a Smart Phone Than Tie Their Shoes

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Impressive kid, but can you tie your shoes? Getty Images.

NewsFeed isn’t sure if this is ominous news or not.

A study conducted by AVG found that 19 percent of 2-5 year-olds could play with a smart phone app, but only 9 percent of those same children could tie their shoes. Yikes!

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And not being able to dress themselves isn’t the only problem facing these tech-savvy little ones. According to Mobilized, “Tech skills are outpacing life skills in other areas as well. For example, more of the kids can open a Web browser than swim on their own, and more can play computer games than ride a bike.”

Sure, you could argue that tech skills are completely necessary for today’s kids. But then again, so are shoes.

But imagine if they could make apps that tied your shoes for you and simulated the joy of swimming or bike-riding–all problems would be solved, right? ¬†(via Mobilized)

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