Scientist Developing Lab-Grown Meat. Would You Eat It?

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Schuster, A./plainpicture/Corbis

It would take away the guilt that comes with that delicious cheeseburger. But would it taste as good?

Vladimir Mironov, a developmental biologist and tissue engineer at the Medical University of South Carolina has been working for years to create lab-grown meat. If he succeeds, he says the technology will help curb an incoming food crisis resulting from a shortage of land to raise animals. Plus, the product would be cheaper than farm-fresh meat because the process would be more efficient.

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So far, Mironov has developed turkey muscle tissue. But to make tasty turkey, you need fat, and to make the turkey plump, you need a vascular system. So there’s still a long way to go. But the project lacks funding, in part due to the public just not liking the sound of test-tube meat.

All this reminds NewsFeed of the gone-too-soon sitcom Better Off Ted, where employees of a megacorporation attempt to create beef without the need of cows. Unfortunately, it ends up tasting “like despair.” Let’s hope Mironov proves more successful.

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