Eco-Friendly Sports: Behold the Trash Incinerator-Ski Slope

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Courtesy of Bjarke Ingels Group

Everyone loves the scenic ride up a ski lift. Now imagine giving that ride an anti-consumption twist.

The design for a planned trash incineration facility called Amagerforbraending, has recently been selected to replace a 40-year-old plant on the outskirts of Copenhagen. The roof of the 95,000 square meter building will be a 31,000 square meter artificial ski slope, with blue, green and black runs.

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The waste-to-energy plant was designed by Danish firm Bjarke Ingels Group. Their proposal was unanimously selected from an international competition.

The firm’s proposal reads, “Most of the recently built power plants are merely functional boxes wrapped in an expensive gift paper. We want to do more than just create a beautiful skin around the factory. We want to add functionality!”

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The inside of the facility features a giant smoke stack, along which skiers are shuttled to the top of the slope. While they ride, they see the workings of the waste incinerator. Every time the facility releases a tonne of CO2,  a 30 meter wide ring of smoke is released into the air, reminding neighbors of the perils of over-consumption. (via Wired)