Thai Airline Actively Recruits Transsexual Flight Attendents

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One of PC Airs' newest hostesses is Miss Tiffany 2007, Thanyarat Jiraphatpakorn. She is pictured here during pre-judging at the Miss Tiffany Theatre, Pattaya, Thailand on Sunday, May 25, 2008.

Adam Oswell/Bloomberg News

Calling all transsexuals looking for careers in air travel!

We may have a career opportunity for you. A new Thai airline, PC Air, is defining itself through its progressive hiring policies towards transsexuals.

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PC Air President Peter Chan, describes himself a pioneer. He believes his recruitment techniques are opening doors long closed for all transsexuals hoping to serve in the air.

“I think these people can have many careers, not just in the entertainment business, and many of them have a dream to be an air hostess,” he told AFP. “I just made their dream come true.”

Thailand, a haven for transsexuals, has one of the world’s largest transsexual populations. Operations are cheaply and easily available.

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Chan hired six transsexuals from over one hundred applicants. Among the recent transsexual hires is Thanyarat “Film” Jiraphatpakorn, winner of Miss Tiffany 2007, a Thai beauty pageant for transsexuals. (via Consumerist)