Blizzard Batters Chicago’s Wrigley Field, Takes Roof With It

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Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs

REUTERS/John Gress

The country’s experiencing some pretty wild weather right now and here’s the news of the latest casualty.

The blizzard that ripped its way through the Chicago area on Tuesday night clearly wasn’t a fan of the poor 2010 season played by the Chicago Cubs and took its fury out on the baseball field by taking a piece of roof right off.

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A structural panel above the the 97 year old stadium’s press box “broke away” during the snowstorm, confirmed Cubs spokesman Peter Chase. The strong winds blew debris across the field and surrounding area. Streets around the stadium have been closed off for safety, but luckily there were no injuries from this incident.

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Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley had cautioned that Tuesday night could be “a storm of historic magnitude” and “one of the largest storms we’ve seen in the last 30 to 40 years or more.” It seems that historic Wrigley Field put up a fight, but lost out to a powerful adversary in the final inning. (Via NBC Sports.)