Can’t Get Over Your Ex? Blame the Internet

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“Breaking up is hard to do,” sang Neil Sedaka in his 1962 hit. And according to a new poll, the Internet had made moving on from a split that much trickier.

In a survey conducted December 22, 2010 through January 5, 2011,, a website dedicated to love and relationships, found that 71% of the 1,000+ respondents said they think about their ex too much. 57% of singles said thinking about their former love prevented them from finding new relationships, while 36% of hitched couples said connections to an old love interfered with their marriage.

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And the Internet is largely to blame for those lingering attachments. After all, you can’t exactly rip up a digital photo album or erase someone else’s online trail. Of the 59% of respondents who stay friends with their ex on Facebook, 48% (including 42% married people) said they look at their former flame’s profile too often. 86% of people said they looked at an ex’s photos too often, while 50% said they’ve called, texted, IMed, or emailed an old love when they shouldn’t have.

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To put an end to the ex mania, has designated February 13 as National Break Up With Your Ex Day, encouraging people to unfriend/unfollow/delete their former flames on various social media platforms. But when reconnecting is just a mouse click away, NewsFeed wonders how effective the effort will actually be.