Super Size Your Super Bowl, With the 138,000-Calorie Burger. It’s Go Time

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NewsFeed had a heart attack just watching this video.

Epic Meal Time, a group of YouTubers known for making the most gluttonous meals possible, have outdone themselves with their latest creation. The 50-pound creation features a massive poppy-seed bun, 20 pounds of beef, 20 pounds of bacon, and more cheese and barbecue sauce than a human should eat in a year.

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This culinary abomination is the latest in many artery-clogging videos. Check out their meat-laden “gingerbread” house and their own version of Thanksgiving turducken. You’ll either get hungry or not be able to eat all day.

Before you use this opportunity to bemoan obesity in America, though, let it be known: These guys are Canadian. So there. (via The Daily What)

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