Watch: The Blizzard Piles Up On YouTube, With Videos of Stranded Cars, Snowballs and Thunder Snow!

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The storm of the century was upon us, and we grabbed our cameras.

Search the web today for blizzard images, and you’ll find an endless array of amazing footage. For starters, just check out these stunning photos.

But take to YouTube, and you get a whole different perspective: Dozens of videos, some quiet and some funny, that show people amazed, aghast and in love with the wintry spectacle.

As of midday Monday, the most inspiring footage was perhaps that of the stranded motorist who, with the aid of a team of young strangers, freed a car from the drifts (be sure to watch both parts to fully appreciate the effort and patience involved here):

In Chicago, meanwhile, more than a couple people took to Twitter to marvel at the lightning and thunder that was accompanying the snowfall. One Chicagoan was quick enough to grab his video camera, and stick his head out his high rise window.

But our favorite video Wednesday concerned a snowball fight on the Mizzou campus. Organized on Facebook, executed before the sun had even set, students took to building forts, stockpiling snowballs and generally wasting away the afternoon.

All of us here at NewsFeed remember what it was like, the euphoria of a snow day in progress. Personally, I know that I would have loved to walk out of class yesterday, straight into the middle of a campuswide snowball fight.

That’s what blizzards are all about — snow angels, shoveling, snowballs and sledding. And while the Mizzou turnout was less than spectacular, it reminded me of the epic of University of Wisconsin snowball fight from a year ago that brought out hundreds, maybe thousands. Winter at its most epic. Happy shoveling!