What if America Just Picked A Couple New Leaders For Egypt, and Let the People Choose?

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Jon Stewart, Aasif Mandvi and The Daily Show were in rare form Wednesday evening, visiting an American-based Egypt protest and posing the questions that all the cable news pundits have been talking about. (via Tuned In)

Namely: Forget your desire to rule your own country, what about the impact on American foreign policy?

Have you taken Israel’s position into account?

What if America just picked a couple new leaders for the country, and then let Egyptians choose?

(More at NewsFeed: Meet the elderly American woman who is defending her Tahrir Square home with a rolling pin and walking cane)

As Mandvi, straight-faced, put these questions to protestors, the dumbfounded reactions were priceless, and hilarious. And yet there was a dark irony to the skit: This is precisely what many cable news pundits have been talking about in recent days, framing the uprising solely in terms of U.S. interests and Islamic extremism.

See the complete, incredible video at Tuned In.