Reading While Eating for February 4: The Cultural Contributions of Justin Bieber and Mona Lisa

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REUTERS/Ahmad Masood

An Afghan National Army (Non-Commissioned Officer) recruit marches during a graduation parade after an oath ceremony at Ghazi military training centre in Kabul February 3, 2011.

You’ve almost made it through the work week. Now, enjoy your Friday links with a cold beer, which is the cause behind all of world history.

That’s My Profile!: A new dating site stole 250,000 people’s profiles that were visible to the public on Facebook. Now’s the time to update your privacy settings. (Wired)

Mr. Mona Lisa: Was the Mona Lisa modeled after a dude? Italian art historians now think the world’s most famous painting may feature Da Vinci’s apprentice and lover.

More Obesity Causes: A new study links the number of years a mother’s employed after childbirth with increasing child obesity. The study gives working mothers everywhere something else to feel guilty about. (ABC News)

Janitorial Shooting: A California elementary school janitor shot the school principle after he fired him. In a more disturbing spin, the two played golf together last Sunday. (CBS News)

PR Fail: Kenneth Cole’s tweet Thursday outraged the internet, as he claimed the Egyptian protesters were riled up against his sale. See how he tried to control the damage of the PR faux paux.

Last Tango: Maria Schneider of “Last Tango in Paris” died at 58 Thursday. See images from her most famous roll in one of the most controversial films of all time. (LIFE)

Bieber Takes on Stewart: On The Daily Show Thursday night Justin Bieber and Jon Stewart traded places and shamefully tried to spread Bieber Fever for the child star’s new movie, Never Say Never. (BuzzFeed)

Must See: Did you know that beer changed the course of human history? Apparently, beer established modern health care and built the pyramids. (The Daily What)