Reality Check: Is the Canadian-U.S. Border A Bigger Threat Than Mexican Border?

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People gather on the border fence separating Mexico and the U.S. near Ciudad Juarez (REUTERS / Gael Gonzalez)

While we were worrying about our neighbors down south, we should have been really worrying about those Canucks from the north: it turns out that other border poses a far bigger risk than Mexico.

According to a Government Accountability Office report, out of the 4,000 miles that separate the U.S. and Canada, only 32 are adequately protected. That’s right – less than one percent.

(More on Read about how U.S. border towns are among the safest.)

Only along a quarter of the Canadian-U.S. border can illegal border crossings be detected. Meaning, it’s much easier to get caught on the side with our Mexican neighbors.

Sen. Joe Lieberman was appalled, saying that the lack of protection along the northern border provides “easy passage into America by extremists, terrorists and criminals whose purpose it to harm the American people.” Meanwhile, Canadian parliament members shrugged the thing off. Canada’s Immigration Minister claimed the border was secure enough, and additional measures would only hinder trade and travel.

Who knows, going north might start to seem like a good idea if things in the U.S. economy continue to head south. Keep those options open, guys. (via NY Daily News)