Meet Your Dog Athletes: Puppy Bowl Starting Lineup

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For all you non-sports fans, there’s another big game that will get you cheering this evening. If the bone-crunching action of Superbowl XLV isn’t for you, tune into the Animal Channel to watch adorable puppies battle it out in Puppy Bowl VII.

With promises of an action-packed game featuring puppy all-stars – all of whom are available for adoption at local animal shelters – the alternate game could be a good thing to have on your remote just in case the big event gets boring.

And there’s far fewer rules. Just like the human version of the game, the dogs are awarded points every time they bring the football (really, it’s a turquoise stuffed toy) into the endzone. Timeouts are called when water bowls need to be filled and if the puppies start fighting. Substitutions are called when a puppy falls asleep during the game. (NewsFeed will pause here so you can say “Awwww!”)

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If you’re missing the cheerleaders in the real game tomorrow, the Puppy Bowl will most certainly be able to scratch your itch – with kitties cheering the players on, naturally. The half time show featuring felines playing with lasers, yarn balls and scratching posts. Think of it as one of those online puppy and kitten cam channels, except two hours long and commentated on like a real sports game – so much better, right?

And the best part: When you’re watching Puppy Bowl VII, you’ll feel all warm and gooey inside. That positive attitude automatically makes you a winner. (Plus, it will take away all the angry feelings you’re bound to have if the football team you’re rooting for happens to lose.)

See the starting lineup and all the necessary facts about the puppies taking the field tomorrow.