Fine Print: Sarah Palin’s Trademark Application Rejected For Missing Signature

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REUTERS/Rick Scuteri

Confirming theories that Sarah Palin may just want to be famous, the former Alaska governor filed applications to trademark her and her daughter Bristol’s names. But she forgot one key detail.

Unfortunately, her applications, filed on Nov. 5, were immediately rejected by the Patent and Trademark Office because they lacked official signatures.

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“Registration is refused because the applied-for mark, SARAH PALIN, consists of a name identifying a particular living individual whose consent to register the mark is not of record,” said an office action released Friday afternoon.

The reason individuals apply for trademarks on their names is so that others do not profit by using their brand. The office noted that Palin’s application could also be rejected for failure to prove anyone had attempted to make money using her name.

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After the applications are signed, it is likely the Palin family will be granted their trademarks.

So, the moral of the story: Anyone hoping to profit using Sarah Palin’s brand should act quickly, before the 2008 vice presidential nominee finds the “sign here” line. (via Reuters)