Queen for a Day: Life-Sized Wax Prince William Lets Admirers Play Kate

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Photography courtesy Stephen White

Ever wonder what it would be like to slip into Kate Middleton’s shoes and stand by your prince charming for the day? Now, an American artist has made that fairytale dream come true. And like Britain’s future queen-in-waiting, you don’t have to descend from blue blood.

Placed in the window of London’s Stephen Friedman Gallery, Jennifer Rubell’s life-sized waxwork of Prince William gives every girl the chance to pose with the future king of England. Would-be brides are encouraged to mount the pedestal, slide their arms through waxy Wills and slip into the ring.  Mimicking the iconic engagement photo of the soon to be hitched royal couple, you’re encouraged to take photos and enjoy what it feels like to wear the replica of Kate Middleton’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

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“Ultimately being with William is really much more about a certain kind of security than sexual desire. It’s the feminine equivalent of winning the lottery,” Rubell told the Press Association.

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