Historic Conception Alert: Get Cracking on that 11-11-11 Baby

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Your future child could have the coolest birthday ever — if you and your partner get to work now.

According to fertility expert Dr. Jamie Grifo, prospective parents should start playing some Barry White for the next two weeks if they want a baby born on November 11. Said kid would have a birth date of 11/11/11, and the next shot of that birthday would be in 2111.

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The perfect day to conceive would be February 18; a woman with a regular 28-day cycle would have a due date of November 11. But, naturally, most babies aren’t delivered on their exact due dates because cycles vary and not all pregnancies last exactly 40 weeks.

So if you’re trying to conceive, some Valentine’s Day romance wouldn’t be out of the question. Light those candles, couples.

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