Randy Report: Beer Lovers More Likely to Have Sex on the First Date

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We know you want to know, but remember those pesky little things known as manners? 

Dating site OKCupid researches and compiles trends and statistics on its blog, OKTrends. Through analyzing user data, the blog answers tough questions like what white people actually like and whether conventionally unattractive girls get more online love than anyone else. By examining the data collected from OKCupid’s user profiles, OKTrends manages to put together some pretty fascinating studies with equally fascinating conclusions. And it seems like they’ve done it again — and sent the Internet abuzz.

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In a post titled The Best Questions For A First Date, Christian Rudder has deciphered which questions to ask on a first date to find the answers of those burning questions you have, but can’t actually ask out loud. Like, “would you have sex on the first date?”

By analyzing thousands of user-submitted questions and drawing correlations between the answers to casual questions that are first-date appropriate and the answers to the touchier, more sensitive questions, OKTrends has determined what question to ask when you all you really want to know is whether your date’s a political extremist or not.

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For example, if what you really want to know is if your date will fall into bed on the first date, simply ask them if they like the taste of beer. According to OKTrends stats, people who say they like the taste of beer are far more likely to be open to sex on the first date. And you don’t even have to worry about sounding like a creep by asking!

How about if you’d like to know if your date is religious or not but don’t want to ask outright? Well you can simply ask them if grammar and spelling mistakes annoy them. OKTrends calculations found that those who weren’t annoyed by grammar and spelling blunders were almost twice as likely to be religious than those who said they were annoyed by such mistakes.

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And if you want to know which way your date leans, politically that is, OKTrends advises asking whether your date prefers the people in their life to be simple or complex. According to their calculations, those who prefer complex people are twice as likely to be liberal and those who prefer simplicity are twice as likely to be conservative.

So, if you’re the sort of person who needs to know certain things before moving forward with a relationship, this information could prove very useful. But if you’re the type who likes to find out things about other people organically without resorting to coded questions, maybe hold off.

Then again, it’s pretty vital to know whether or not your date likes beer, right? (via OKTrends)