Reading While Eating for February 10: Facebook Jail Time, Diet Soda Strokes, Lunch On Your Ring

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Egyptian soldiers walk in front of the Great Giza pyramids on the outskirts of Cairo February 9, 2011.

REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El-Ghany

Thursday’s links give you reasons to be thankful: you can update your Facebook status for free and your name could be worse.

Craigslist Creep: U.S. Rep. Chris Lee (R-NY) resigned yesterday after photos (including one shirtless) he’d sent a girl he met on Craigslist were turned in by his internet flirtation. Guess he didn’t realize his high profile job made details like his marital status searchable online. (Gawker)

What Were Their Parents Thinking?: Indiana officials are denying a late politician recognition on a building because of his name, Harry Baals (pronounced “balls”). See others in the sticky conundrum of an unfortunate name. (LIFE)

Little Bites: Do you spend all day anticipating your next meal? Now you can wear your snack on your finger all day long with these rings. (Telegraph)

Pricey Facebook Updates: New legislation keeps South Carolina prisoners caught updating their Facebook status behind bars for an additional month. It just comes down to how bad they want friends to know what they’re doing. (Yahoo News)

Dog Vs. Machine: Watch a Boxer fight to defend his turf against a Dalek. We agree with the dog, this bot is freaky. (Daily What)

Mubarak’s Next Move: MSNBC reported that Egyptian President of 30 years Hosni Mubarak may resign tonight following weeks of violent protests. (MSNBC)

Daily Health Scare: Bad news for all you Diet Coke addicts, according to a new study, diet soda increases risk of stroke due to sodium. At least sweeteners are off the hook in this study. (Discovery News)

Must See: Watch a colorful masterpiece unfold in this three minute video. This will make you nostalgic for the days of easels and finger painting.