A Feast Fit For a Queen: Princess Diana’s Chef Predicts The Royal Wedding Menu

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Lewis Whyld/PA Wire/Getty Images

Former Royal Chef Darren McGrady has predicted what he thinks will be included in 2011 most anticipated meal: The royal wedding dinner.

He worked as senior chef at Buckingham Palace and then later in the kitchens of Kensington Palace serving Princess Diana and her boys everything from lobster to mushy peas. In an interview with People, Darren McGrady spoke about his experiences with the royal family, and what he thinks the future king and queen will choose to feast on for the big day.

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“The royal family will not want to be seen as going backwards and actually having a big, seven-course meal with a soup course and a fish course. They will want to make it more modern,” he says. Following champagne and h’ors d’oeuvres, such as smoked salmon, pate and mini sausage rolls (“always popular at the Palace”) McGrady expects there to be a spread including traditional English dishes, as well as some of William and Kate’s favorites.

“They like to showcase British food, so there might be Gaelic steaks with braised rice. But I wouldn’t be surprised if cottage pie is somewhere on the menu.” This peculiarly British pie is filled with saucy ground beef and topped with mashed potatoes and melted cheese and it’s “William’s all-time favorite,” according to the ex-royal chef.

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Some of William’s other past favorites may not make it on to the menu however, like the “pureed vegetables” McGrady used to cook for the two princes as tiny babies – we can’t quite see President Putin slurping down a carrot slushy …

During his time as kitchen confidante, McGrady played an intimate role in the royal family’s day. He recalls that, when the children were a little older, “[he] used to listen to William telling [him] that when he grows up, he’s going to be a police motorcyclist.” So, although the prince’s dream career may be off the menu, at least his perfect wedding dinner is still on track with, who knows, one of his childhood favorites as the main event. (Via CNN)