Levi’s Sells Super-Skinny ‘Ex-Girlfriend’ Jeans

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The new super-skinny style for men? Supposedly, it’s a tribute to that ex-girlfriend with the great fashion sense.

Are we to assume these are the denim brand’s answer to “boyfriend cut” women’s jeans?  NewsFeed isn’t sure, but the last time we checked, there aren’t too many guys looking for clothes to remind them of a past love — and what kind of boyfriend slips into his girlfriend’s skinny jeans in the first place?

Not to mention how much trouble it’ll take to slip into those skin-tight suckers. Levi’s says the Ex-Girlfriend jeans have a “super-snug” fit allover and are “as skinny as it gets.” Is that, by chance, supposed to bring back memories of that super smothering ex? Both leave you with little room to breathe. (via BuzzFeed)