Reading While Eating for February 11: Mubarak Goes Snorkeling, Animals on Oprah

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Children play under a tree with snow-covered decorative red lanterns after a snowfall in Beijing, February 10, 2011.


Celebrate Friday with Lady Gaga’s latest single and the girl that ousted the Craigslist congressman.

iPhone Light: Sources are saying Apple is working on a cheaper, smaller iPhone. Sorry AT&T and Verizon, the new model comes with no two-year service commitment. (Bloomberg)

Dress Like a Criminal: The white dress Lindsay Lohan wore to her shoplifting arrangement, despite its questionable court appropriateness, is sold out at stores nationwide. NewsFeed wonders if she can earn the orange jump suits the same popularity. (Hollywood Gossip)

Sorry, Oprah: You need to see this description of Oprah’s daily program. Talk about unfortunate. (Daily What)

The Craigslist Photo Girl: Yesha Callahan, the single mother who leaked photos of Rep. Chris Lee to Gawker Wednesday, is no longer anonymous. The single mother was upset to find out her Craigslist Romeo was married on Facebook. (Politics Daily)

She Did It Again: Lady Gaga’s long-awaited newest single “Born this Way” was released Friday. Looks like she’s going for a gay anthem, with lyrics like “don’t be a drag/just be a queen.”

Snorkel Vacation?: Hosni Mubarak stepped down from his position as President of Egypt, fleeing from Cairo to Sharm el-Sheikh, a pilgrimage spot for lovers of scuba and snorkeling. (CBS News) See if he’s still President.

Charlie’s Photos: Actor Charlie Sheen’s debauchery’s been making headlines recently. See photos of his acting career. (LIFE)

Furniture that Eats: The next step in interior design? The bug eating lamp, mouse eating table and fly eating clock. (Discovery News)

Must See: Watch how these passengers boarded a train in Myanmar that was running so late it could not stop at this station. (YouTube Trends)