Your Table Eats What? Carnivorous Furniture Coming Soon

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Darwin Wiggett/First Light/Corbis

Seriously, you couldn’t make this up.

Thinking of ways in which robots can be incorporated into everyday life, designers¬†James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau are building carnivorous furniture that’s functional and powered by meat. For example, they’ve created a table that functions the regular way (uh, as something you eat off of) as well as in a technological way (with a built-in digital clock).

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Sounds basic enough, but here’s where things get a little… odd. The technology is powered by meat. Specifically, mouse meat.

Discovery News explains the process as follows:

“The table baits a mouse up through one oversized leg and to the center of the table, where a trapdoor opens and they fall into a chamber full of microbes which digest the rodent and use the energy to power the table’s electronics (presumably the sensor that detects the mouse).”

So think of it as a table-meets-digital-clock-meets-robot-meets-mousetrap.

Apparently the furniture/robot/meat-eater is mostly for entertainment value, though NewsFeed doubts the mice find it so entertaining. (via Discovery News)

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