The Drunkest Cities in America: Is Yours on the List?

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Is your city known for being habitually hammered, or are you one of the few party-hardy folks in the area?

As you crawl out of bed and face the harsh morning light after last night’s craziness, sneak a peak at this list. Is your city predictably drunk? Men’s Health took a look at statistics from liver health to DUIs and graded the cities from A+ – the safest and healthiest partiers – all the way down to F.

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Of the top 100 metro areas they graded, the lowest marks go to Fresno, Calif. The Northern California city ranked among the top towns for occurrences of liver disease and DUI arrests. Neighboring cities of Fresno and Modesto also ranked in the top 15, all garnering F ratings. If you’re looking for the party, it’s apparently out in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

Major college towns like Austin, Texas and Madison, Wis. nestled themselves within the top echelon of drunkest cities. But you already knew college students like to drink. It just turns out that they may be more likely to pick up a beer bong than a book.

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Ranking as an A or A+ on the drunkest list has its health merits – but NewsFeed questions how sober the cities actually are. According to their statistics, Boston is the least drunk. Or are they just the safest partiers? New York and Miami both garnered A’s on the survey. But we know these cities know how to party. Perhaps they just feature better enforcement of DUI and drinking laws, which can indeed lead to safer partying. Or, quite simply, maybe it was New York’s Four Loko ban that brought it into healthy territory.

Frankly, NewsFeed isn’t sure if the top tipplers should be proud of their accomplishment – or worried. In any case, party on!