Discount Dilemma: Online Shoppers Say Flower Groupon Was No Great Deal

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REUTERS/Arben Celi

Nothing kills a romantic gesture like a faulty discount.

Valentine’s shoppers that snatched Groupon’s $20 for $40 of flowers from FTD complained their 50% savings were counterbalanced by inflated prices by the flower retailer.

The disgruntled shoppers found that the flowers they purchased through Groupon were on sale on FTD’s website. They speculate the flower retailer jacked up its prices to make up for Groupon’s discount.

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FTD President Rob Apatoff claimed the company did not increase prices for the Groupon customers. He pointed out that, either way, the customers with Groupons are getting better deals than the website’s sale prices.

This is the second internet to-do the discounter caused this week, after its Super Bowl spot used the situation in Tibet as a vehicle to promote discounted fish curry.

NewsFeed’s warning: be careful, Groupon. We’d hate to see the popular internet start-up to go up in flames.