Revenge of the Bieberites: Bieber Fans Sabotage Esperanza Spalding’s Wikipedia Page

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Esperanza Spalding. Getty Images.

Everyone should know by now that you can’t cross Bieber without feeling the wrath of his fans.

After jazz bassist and singer Esperanza Spalding won the Grammy Sunday night for Best New Artist over Justin Bieber, the tween sensation’s fans were (obviously) less than thrilled. And how does anyone deal with disappointment in the age of the Internet? By Wikipedia sabotage, naturally.

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After the big win, Spalding’s Wikipedia page was suddenly inundated with some very suspect edits. For example, her middle name was changed to “Quesadilla” and it was also noted that she’s a “F****** RETARD THAT NO ONE HAS HEARD OF.” Yikes!¬†Clearly, there are a few Bieberites out there who aren’t too pleased about Spalding’s surprise win.

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Don’t feel too bad for the Grammy-winner though. Apart from her win, she also now has the distinction of being the artist who prevented Justin Bieber from winning–which anyone over the age of 16 can appreciate. And while the running commentary on the Internet seems to be “Esperanza who?” it’s very hard to deny Spalding’s talent. Well, for anyone other than a die-hard Bieber fan that is. (via Gawker)