Woman Uses Soup Spoon to Save Husband From Tiger Attack

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Tiger stalking

Salad forks and butter knives were not within reach.

Stop us when you’ve heard this before. A Malaysian man goes hunting for squirrels when he hears a rustling. The man, a 60-year-old villager named Tambun Gediu, is soon viciously attacked by a tiger.

His first reaction is to climb a tree, according to The Star in Malaysia, but the attack happened too quickly for Gediu to escape.

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However, Gediu’s wife Han (and her cooking utensils) were nearby. She heard him scream and immediately grabbed a large wooden soup spoon. Then, she screamed as she smacked the tiger on the head. The cat, miraculously, left.

Besides some hideous looking cuts and scrapes, it looks like Gediu is going to be alright. But maybe he should make his wife some soup to thank her.