The Great Gatsby for the Original Nintendo, Now Playable Online

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The Great Gatsby, a Nintendo version, is now online for anyone to play.

Guide Nick Carraway as he searches for the elusive Jay Gatsby while fighting off flappers and men with tommy guns, just as author F. Scott Fitzgerald intended.

A handful of illustrators and video game developers claim to have found a copy of an unlicensed game based off of Fitzgerald’s great Jazz Age novel The Great Gatsby at a yard sale for 50 cents. They converted it online so now anyone can play. And it’s pretty awesome.

While some bloggers are skeptical about the origins of the game, the guys behind the site posted copies of what appear to be genuine printed descriptions that came with Nintendo Gatsby, which follows the adventures of the book’s lead narrator Carraway as he battles flappers and crazy Boxcar Bill.

The game has all the markings of an original Nintendo game, with midi music and often hilarious graphics. But it’s got pretty good gameplay for being transferred to a website.

No matter how it came to be, the game looks much more fun than this stuffy PC version of Fitzgerald’s classic that came out last year.