Ecuador Judge Tells Chevron to Pay Up — And Apologize

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Environmentalist Donald Moncayo shows his glove after conducting a test made on an affected field in Lago Agrio January 25, 2011.

REUTERS/Guillermo Granja

You’re never too big to say you’re sorry. A judge in Ecuador handed down a landmark ruling against oil giant Chevron this week, ordering the company to pay some $9 billion to the Amazon Defense Coalition for oil pollution damages in a remote rainforest on the South American country’s northeast border. (via Ecocentric)

The ruling – one of the largest environmental judgments ever made — is the latest tick in a 17-year drama between Amazonian villagers, who form the Coalition, and the U.S. oil company.  And the judge has also said that if Chevron does not issue a public apology within 15 days of the ruling, the fine will be doubled.

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